We believe that the salvation of sinners is by grace alone, through faith alone, for the glory of God alone. God accomplished His redeeming plan through the substitutionary sacrifice of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who by the appointment of the Father became obedient to death, even death upon a cross thus making full atonement for the sins of His people. 

No human work can merit forgiveness of sins and nothing can be added to the completed work of Christ on the cross. All those who were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world, not because of foreseen faith, but because of God's mercy, are effectually called by God, respond with repentance and faith in Christ, are declared righteous on the basis of the shed blood of Christ, receive eternal life, become children of God and joint‐heirs with Christ, and are indwelt and sealed by the Holy Spirit until they are glorified at Christ's return. Should the believer die before that day, there is the confident expectation of being brought immediately into the presence of the Lord to await the resurrection.



We believe that sanctification is a process for the saint by which we are made partakers of His holiness; that it is a progressive work of the Holy Spirit in us as we are continually being conformed to the likeness of Christ through God given means ‐ especially the Word of God, self‐examination, self‐denial, prayer, watchfulness and Christian fellowship.


We believe that the Christian life cannot be lived in the power of the flesh (for until the Lord returns, no man experiences perfection here on earth), but must be lived in complete reliance upon the Holy Spirit, under the authority of the Scriptures he inspired, and in constant prayer.

We believe in one universal church, the body and bride of Christ, which is made up of all true believers of the present age. Though there is one body, God has ordained that the members of this one body should gather themselves together as individual local churches for the equipping of the saints, prayer, fellowship, teaching, discipleship, discipline, and the observance of the two ordinances of our Lord, namely, baptism of the believer by immersion and the regular partaking of the Lord's Supper, which visibly and tangibly express the truth of the gospel. Jesus is the one Chief Shepherd of the church, and it is the pattern of Scripture that each individual church is to be shepherded by a plurality of male leaders serving under him, each man meeting the qualifications specified in the Scriptures. These men are referred to in Scripture alternately as elders, overseers, and shepherds (pastors). Each local church is to be autonomous, though there should always be brotherhood and mutual dependence among the churches of our Lord.

The Church

Spiritual Gifts & Ministry

We believe that God is sovereign in the bestowing of spiritual gifts. It is, however, the believer's responsibility to attempt to develop their sovereign given spiritual gifts. We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs at conversion, and is the placing of the believer into the Body of Christ. Although we believe that spiritual gifts are to be sought, and are relevant for the church in this present age, we believe the church is governed by non‐miraculous giftedness such as expository teaching and preaching, serving, giving, encouraging, administering. discipline, and love.

We believe that Christ is presently reigning over all authorities and powers. We believe that the end of the present age will be marked by His return in judgment and glory. We believe in the resurrection of the body, eternal joy for believers, and eternal suffering for the condemned.

Last Things