Membership Covenant

We believe that the Church is made up of individual local congregations of professing believers that assemble together for the cause of worship, fellowship, and sanctification. Providence Bible Church solemnly pledges to be a congregation which provides for the mutual edification of believers through the teaching of sound doctrine; thus leading to a healthy and growing body of believers for the glory of God with a central focus on the glorious Gospel.

We recognize that while many local churches are governed democratically (by congregational vote), this church family is solely governed by the pastors, which we believe is the biblical pattern. Pastor (or shepherd) is a biblical title and office in the church; other titles that are used interchangeably with this term are elder and overseer. The pastors are responsible to follow the Senior Pastor (our Chief Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ) in guarding the church in both doctrine and practice. We realize that it is to our advantage to submit joyfully to their leadership. The pastors are solely responsible for determining when church discipline is biblically warranted. This includes those sad and extreme cases where expulsion from the assembly is necessary for the name of Jesus. The pastors are imperfect, but we affirm their biblical call to shepherd the flock

Church Government

Our Commitment

Those who desire to become covenant members committed themselves to the One and only Triune God and to the other members of Providence Bible Church by affirming the following:

- I have repented of my sin and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

- I trust in his atoning death alone for justification before God, with whom I now have peace because I am in Christ. 

- I have been baptized.

- I affirm the Providence Bible Church Member Confession of Faith

- I desire to be a member of Providence Bible Church

- I affirm and accept the following responsibilities and will fulfill them by the grace of God. 

  1. Seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. 

  2. Support the church with my regular attendance in worship. 

  3. Seek to use my spiritual gift in our church to the glory of God. 

  4. Support the church financially. 

  5. Be accountable to the church in doctrine and conduct. 

  6. Submit to the loving rule, oversight, and authority of the elders regarding reproof, instruction, correction, and loving discipline, as they submit to Christ who is the head of the Church. 

We would love for you to join us during one of our gatherings. The times and location are listed at the bottom of our website. If you would like to learn more, contact us by using one of the links listed below or spend some time listening to one of our sermons.

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